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#Getfitback…. 3rd & the best so far !

Happy Easter !

So its my 3rd week back on the training plan and at the end of the week, it felt great ! I was able to stay motivated all week, even with life’s up and downs but was tired by Thursday so my rest day was greatly appreciated !

What was on my plan ? Anything new ?

Monday : Spin & swim

Tuesday : Abs blast class (New), weights and run

Wednesday : Swim, spin and circuits

Thursday : Rest day

Friday : Swim and bike ride

Saturday : Spin and run (swapped this for a long ride instead !)

Sunday : Run

The best session was my run on Tuesday. I increased the time spent running and made sure it included some hills. I was determined to show a ‘clean pair of heels’ as I took off up the last one….. Felt fantastic ! Next week the plan will include a ‘hill’ workout (10×2 mins hills) as nothing makes me feel stronger than facing an incline and not being afraid.

Driving vs running ?
Why drive when you can run ?

I tried a new class too – Abs Blast, and it does what it says on the tin ! Phew I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to move the next day and definitely no laughing, but a few aches but nothing major….. perhaps I didn’t work hard enough perhaps ? Booked in for next week again as it was fun.

Looking back on the plan, you’ll noticed that at the beginning of the week I’m focusing on ‘spinning’ and then planning my ‘real riding’ over the weekend. This is a conscious decision at the moment to get the fitness back on my legs by spinning and working on ‘riding skills’ later in the week. The hills of Lanzarote and the route from London to Paris are in my near future and I don’t want to get left behind !

Real vs spin ?
Real vs spin ? Time to hit the road

We did take advantage of the long weekend and rode for 3 hours on Good Friday and all day on Saturday ! Most of this was on trails which was perfect for working on my skills…. or lack of them, given a couple of spills along the way.  We had some great conditions and had lovely views along the way 🙂

A ride to coffee through the bluebells
Riding through carpets of bluebells
And then yellow carpets
And then yellow carpets

What will be different next week ?

Swim : I’ve been more structured this week, but more is needed ! Drills, drills and speed sets are back 🙂

Boxercise : Another new class ! I think others should be afraid……. actually I think I should be afraid !

Races : I do have to sign up for some things – yikes, I commit to getting off the fence and pressing the ‘register now’ button.

Time to enjoy the last of my Easter Sunday – I hope you’ve had a lovely day. The last words go to Eric Morecambe, Bring me Sunshine…. a tribute to him on Sustrans, route 6

Bring me sunshine, Eric !
Bring me sunshine, Eric !

Speak soon


Age Group girl



A studio full of endorphins….. Sound familiar ?

So you have decided to venture into the studio at the gym ! You’re braving the wall to wall, floor to floor mirrors that you just can’t get away from ! You’ve arrived super early for the class to ensure you get a spot at the back so you don’t embarrass yourself in the front…….

And then the instructor bounces into the room, turns on some crazy hi-energy trance music, yells into the microphone words you can’t hear or understand……

You are wiped out after the ‘warm up’ and then you discover that you don’t have any co-ordination at all  ! “Left arm” the instructor yells, “right arm”, “left arm”, “right arm” sounding as though they are sat in a chair. Is it only me that sounds like I’m a heavy breather ?……….

At some point you stop to wipe your face and take a drink ! Oh no, lost your place in the routine……… “left leg behind right shoulder”, “right leg behind left shoulder”, “and then jump, double time”. Never, ever, ever again, this is insane.

Before you know it, it’s the warm down !! Phew, where did that 50 mins go ? Huh, perhaps I didn’t do too bad, I survived after all !

That’s it, you have given yourself a round of applause and you’re done !

You say a quick thank you to the instructor……… why are you saying thank you ? Interesting !

This is why we say thank you !
This is why we say thank you !

And then rush to reception to make sure you are on the attendee list for next time !

Anyone else ? Or just me ?


Age Group girl