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A little weary and its only Monday !

Well it was all very well-intentioned…….. a Summer Solstice (+2 days) club run this morning at 4.30am sounded the perfect way to start the week ! And actually it was, although we didn’t actually see the sun. This was my second year making this run, but the she seems a little shy and hides from us.

This was as close as we got to the sun !
This was as close as we got to the sun !

A merry band of runners enjoyed their early morning jaunt, and I think we shocked some horses on the way round as we jogged through fields and woods, knowing croissants and orange juice was waiting for us as our reward.

But it seems that being a running Druid is quite exhausting and I think I need another day in between Monday and Tuesday to get some rest ūüôā

Phew...... only Monday
Phew…… only Monday

Living life loud, but for now its night night !


Age Group girl


#tbt : Big Sur Marathon May 2011

Every year, a pianist accompanies the runners during the Big Sur marathon…….. So as well as the incredible views, you hear music for miles as he is perched on a ledge !

And so he plays on
And so he plays on

And this has to be one of my favourite pieces of bling. Handmade of terracotta and hand painted ūüôā


Happy happy days

Live life loud


Age Group girl


The Greenway Challenge, Letchworth

Happy Sunday everyone ! It’s a¬†lovely afternoon and I’m¬†sat on the couch, watching Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 BBC TV version with a very young¬†Colin Firth as Mr D’Arcy – if you haven’t seen it, make sure you do !

Yesterday afternoon I made the decision to run a 1/2 marathon today ! Rather a strange decision given that I haven’t¬†run anything¬†more than 1 hr 20 mins¬†since my 70.3 in Auckland and¬†my cold is still hanging after a couple¬†of weeks, but there you go. I wasn’t even able to register on-line¬†as it had closed and there were only a limited number available on they day – actually I think I was the only ‘walk-in’ !

The Greenway challenge (http://www.greenwaychallenge.org.uk/) is an annual charity multi-terrain race organised by a local road running club, North Herts (http://www.nhrr.org.uk/) which starts and finishes at Standalone Farm and uses the Letchworth Greenway as the course, which circles the town itself.

Letchworth Greenway

The on-line reviews were positive and a PR was not in my plan given the course (including styles and kissing gates), my fitness and my confidence¬†so I joined a friend and set off to have a ‘training run’ through the lovely north Hertfordshire countryside.

As I’ve said in a previous blogs, my strategy¬†for LSD runs had been to focus on how long I run in time vs miles. This has really helped me over the past 18 months so that was the mindset¬†for today, that I’m¬†here to run 2 hours and if it takes¬†a little longer, that’s ok !

The course was rolling all the way but I have to admit the first hill at mile 2 or so came out of nowhere and was quite a shock but this conquered, we continued around some rape and crop fields, through some lovely woodlands and alongside paddocks, with horses waiting to be fed.

The first water stop was at 5 1/2 miles and it came at just the right time for me ! I found the early stages of the route¬†a struggle because I hadn’t warmed up properly – the body was shocked into action and it did battle with me for a while. A nice group of smiling faces greeted us at the water station and that sent us off for the next stage happy and watered !

At this point I did realise that if the course hadn’t been a loop, I may well have stopped – but it was going to take as long to walk back the way I had come as it was to run with everyone else the right way round, so I got a grip of myself, relaxed and before we knew it we had clipped through to 8 miles ūüôā

At around mile 10 we turned a corner and saw a substantial hill – now I’m not one to exaggerate, but yes I think it would be described as substantial and there was a little walking going on¬†! And it was my least favourite surface – GRASS. I hate running on grass ! I get anxious that im going to twist my ankle down a rabbit hole……… I guess I just need to pick up my feet and concentrate.

The 2nd drink station was at 10 1/2 miles and that brought a big smile to our faces ! A couple of lovely downhills and a couple of uphills and we were done :). Free homemade cakes and mugs of tea were waiting for us at the finish line along with a supportive crowd Рgenerosity on all counts !

It was¬† a lovely¬†race – a challenging¬†course but we were able to keep distracted at it was through some beautiful countryside and I would certainly recommend it for next year. The biggest achievement¬†for me was completing a 13 mile run – its amazing to discover¬†what’s in the tank after such a break – not sure if the mind¬†or the body took over, but something did and I’m happy about that.

Couldn't resist a little swoon !
Colin Firth as Mr D’Arcy……Couldn’t resist a little swoon !

Anyway, its time to go so speak soon

Live life loud


Age Group girl


I’ve fought for her….

I have to admit that this quote brought a tear to my eye.


I wish I could put a read line through ‘runner’ though as I am more than that……. I am who I am and I’ve fought to become her, and there are moments when I am proud of her, ashamed of her and embarrassed about what she has said, but ultimately its all me !

Life has been an incredible journey over the last few years and it will continue to get better and better and better.

Live life loud


Age Group girl

We really only walk to the next place to sit down !

Hello all !

I was reading a great article on twitter the other day by James Dunne at Kinetic Revolution¬†about¬†how to help ‘corporate runners’¬†(http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/five-tips-for-the-corporate-runner/) and was reminded about an observation that¬†was once¬†made to me ;

‘During the day we only really walk to our next place to sit down’ !!

‘What do you mean ?’ I replied distastefully, ‘ I don’t do that’.

When I took a minute and actually thought about it, that is exactly what I and many of us do Рwe walk to the car & sit down, we walk to the lounge & sit down, we walk around the office & sit down.

But why is that a problem for the crazy ones amongst us that want to run after work ? Or want to¬†swim after a day in the car ? Well I realise now that¬†I’m¬†my expecting my body to respond to¬†my demands but¬†I don’t really give it¬†a chance.

My work-life has changed dramatically over the past few months and no longer work in a formal office environment, but I¬†do sit at a desk for long periods of time each day and simply get up and ‘go for a run’ !

Do I do those good hip-flexor stretches before I do ? No not really.

Do I think about how much tea I have drunk during the afternoon vs water ? No not at all, tea is water right ?

But I should, and I am going to commit to at least trying from now on !

A couple of steps I am going to take to ‘give my body a chance’ :

– Daily hip-flexor stretches

– Foam roller sessions on hips, glutes and back

– Take a walk outside every 3 hours ; the post box (yes I write letters !), the local shop, around the block

– Substitute 2 cups of tea for water in the afternoon (Come on now, I can’t go cold turkey !!)

But apparently, not only am I giving my body a boost, looks what its doing to my brain !!

Which brain would you rather have ?
Which brain would you rather have ?

Speak to you soon, it’s time for me to take a stroll !


Age Group girl