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Lanzarote : just a few rolling hills in the sunshine

Anyone who knows Lanzarote should be shaking their head right now saying NO IT ISN’T, ITS HILLY & WINDY ! And honestly, it has more ups than downs, is more windy than it is calm !! Not for the faint hearted….. but I love it 🙂

Ride hard & earn the downhill
Ride hard & earn the downhill

Although I guess it’s what you want to do. Hire a couple of bikes to cruise along the promenades in the towns, no problem that’s flat(ish)…… but if you want to get some serious bike miles in, its off up the hills.

My first experience was May 2013. Here’s me thinking, yeah I’m fairly fit, a new cyclist but doing ok ! Yep, what did I know…..

Club La Santa, while it’s an oasis, it’s also at the bottom of a ridge, and that means ? The only way out is up !!!!

Route 1, Off to Soo

Route 2, Off to Tinajo and beyond (this time longer but less steep).

“Is there another route out ?” I ask naively. “Nope it’s either one of these !”.

Once you’ve made it to the top of the ridge at Soo, it’s a wonderful sweeping downhill to the surfing town of Famara. Sounds great huh ? It is ! But the big challenge is the wind at this point. It tends to be coming across from about 10 or 11 o’clock… Love it !!

The first time I rode this area (May 2013) it was the first time I had really appreciated riding as a group, spreading the workload amongst us all. I’d been on group rides before but without this discipline and while I knew it made life easier, I’d been very nervous to ride so close to the bikes around me. It was more about my bike handling skills and confidence than anyone else – what if I wobbled and took someone down ?

What a difference to work with others, pull each other along, take your turn out the front, all needing high communication !

The most recent trip was my first time riding through Teguise, up to the café at the top of the climb, the descending and coming back up the switchbacks. The views are amazing, but honestly I was concentrating so much on the descent that I didn’t really see much – this photo gives you an idea of what I should have been seeing !


Fire Mountain and the ride through to Yaiza remains a big favourite of mine, especially waving to the camels on the way.

Someone once said to me that I’d be cycling strong after a week in Lanzarote – well they were right ! You learn that there isn’t something you can’t climb, you just have to hunker down and keep on pedalling 🙂


Every view is worth the climb……… remember ride hard and enjoy the downhill !

Live life loud


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