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An Eye to a Tower….. Avenue Verte

Today we set off ! We set off to ride the 406km across 5 days from the London Eye to the Eiffel Tower :).

It’s very exciting, a little daunting but is another adventure in a life that I am lucky enough to be living out loud.

The route
The route

We are taking a set of ‘sustran’ routes that wind their way through South London, down through the Sussex countryside to the town of Newhaven. We than take the ferry across the English Channel to Dieppe. Once across in France, we spend the next 3 days working our way through French lanes and tracks arriving in Paris on Wednesday evening.

The sign we will be following !
The sign we will be following !

Doesn’t it sound romantic and idyllic ? Have you seen the weather reports ? Wet weather gear has been packed ‘just in case’.

The trusted hybrid is ready
The trusted hybrid is ready

So the small bag has been dropped at our friends house (BTW we aren’t carrying our own bags !), the chamois butter is to hand, the trusty hybrid has been serviced and prepped and the go-pro charged for some perfect moments……… off we go !

So Avenue Verte it is http://avenuevertelondonparis.co.uk/

La vie vivant !

A bientot et au reviour


Fille groupe d’age


Catherine, the camel lady ?

As I said in my previous blog, recently I saw the movie Tracks, about Robyn Davidson and her adventure walking from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. She used 3 adult camels to carry her supplies during this time, all of which she had personally trained from the wild to join her.

People seem to be slightly surprised to find that camels run wild in Australia – in fact there are more wild camels in the outback than anywhere else in the world.

How did that happen ? When Australia was initially being settled it became apparent that camels were the best way of carrying equipment and supplies through the desert – they are tough, resilient and famously do not need vast quantities of water – and many were imported to do this work. Once other forms of transport arrived, eg trains, the camels were no longer needed and released into the wild and thrived. Unlike the infamous ‘rabbits in Australia’ they have remained healthy and haven’t strayed into the more densely populated communities, therefore allowed to roam.

There is a market in capturing, taming and selling camels. During our road trip from Alice to Adelaide we visited a camel farm which has the reputation for caring for these animals carefully and humanely.

20140228_094150 20140228_094004 20140228_094058

I took a little ride on my ship of the desert, found it a little uncomfortable especially when it broke into a run, but another experience in the rich tapestry of life !

A natural camel lady ? Hmmmm not so sure !


Yeah, not so sure ! Perhaps he didn’t like the hat 🙂

That’s it for now, speak soon

Live life loud


Age Group girl

The 40 & Fabulous challenge : day 1

So today is the day, bloggers, I have turned 40 years young !!

My birthday cake  on Saturday evening. Thank you, Tanja Slater
My birthday cake on Saturday evening. Thank you, Tanja Slater

Do I feel any different from yesterday ? No but suddenly I am in the next age group, moved into the next category on questionnaires and no longer classed as a 30-something !!

What’s next in life’s adventure ? ‘The 40 & Fabulous challenge’ starts here……… Day 1 was to swim the Birthday 100s challenge…… 40 x 100s ! Done and dusted, tired and hungry.

40 x 100s, booyah !
40 x 100s, booyah !

Tomorrow’s challenge ? Not sure yet, but I’ve been given a couple of books for inspiration so there’s plenty to chose from !


One of the things I know is that my 30’s were better than my 20’s, so woohoo, my 40’s are going to blow my socks off, and anyone else’s that jumps on the rollercoaster with me.

Life will never be dull, that’s for sure

Catherine, Age Group girl