Intervals, pilates and a little old skool aerobics

Full exercise schedule today – anyone would think I’m thinking of training for something !

7am : intervals on the dreadmill. 5 x 500m, target time was 2.20-2.25, with a nice recovery. All topped off with 4 x 1 mins full out sprints

Anyone got a view on ‘fasted’ training ? I did that session on an empty stomach, so just wondering what everyone thinks.

6.30pm : a bit of old skool aerobics in a local school hall – massive group, probably 50 people ! It was awesome, even if I do struggle with my lefts and my rights, with some grapevines and cha-cha-chas thrown in for good measure.

7.45pm : Fitness pilates……. core, leg strength and relaxation

9pm : eat, ALOT !!

9.30pm : more laundry in the washing machine

10pm : get into bed to watch Twilight and write blog

10.30pm (prediction) : crash out and sleep through til morning



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