Breathing hard in the pool

I’ve been very lazy with my swimming – a potter up and down in the pool, heavy focus on drills rather than fitness and no chance of getting out of breath or feeling uncomfortable.

I graduated from the chat lane today

Today I decided to be a bit more focused and mix it up a little……. it wasn’t massive volume but a timed 500m set (yikes, that wasn’t a great time, so much so I’ll post it the next time !) and 10 x 25m on the 35 seconds.

That was quite enough of heavy breathing for today.

Back to basics now with 3 swims a week, one pool and 2 open water, for the next 3 months……

happy swimmer
Some hard work ahead but I’ll end up as a happy swimmer girl !

Anyway, I’ve typed it and shared it in my blog now, so best get it done hadn’t I ?

Live life out loud


Age Group Girl

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