One of those moments in time

When I look back 2 years from now, I think this morning’s post swim / jog breakfast conversation will be one that has given me the most food for thought and perhaps the kick up the butt I need to get going with triathlons again.

Lake swim started the day

I’m not prepared to commit to ‘paper’ what that means, but in my heart of hearts I think I know and it fills me with excitement and terror, all packaged up with lots of blood sweat and tears along the way.

Step 1 though was to suggest to tomorrow’s cycling buddy that I bring my running shows so we can take a little run-off-the-bike after our 50 mile ride…… Hmmm, I guess you know as well as I do where this is going 🙂

I also wonder how many times we will sit in that same cafe over the next 2 years, talking, planning, scheming and comparing notes ? I’ll guess we will have to see and I’ll keep you posted !

Tea cosy or hat for little people ? You decide !

Before anything else though, time for a nap – thinking ahead is a tiring business !

Live life loud


Age Group Girl

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