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Love this – inspiring and honest ! Already getting ready for when I tackle this course in a year’s time 🙂


The swim

There were two start waves for the swim section: 6.45am start for the Pro’s, the age groupers and those who had registered for the earlier start – which included me! A total of 800 of us were in wave 1. The second wave, consisting of everyone else, circa 2,200 competitors, started at 7am. So a less hectic swim was the theory and the rationale for the first wave entry.

The canon went off, a large cheer went up from the crowd and we entered the water. The Pro’s and fast swimmers went off fast and I was swimming with about 200 others around me. It was still a bit ‘bumpy’ to start with but after a few hundred metres it calmed down.

A real good solid swim. Nicely paced, strong but not too fast, nice large buoys, regularly positioned so sighting was easy. I was sighting every six…

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