Celebrations ? Always !

Happy Friday everyone !

How’s the week been ? Mine’s been a bit up and down, but on reflection there were more ups than downs !

Today I was at a workshop and asked to share something I wanted to celebrate…….. hmmmm, what to share with a group of strangers, all female entrepreneurs at varying stages of their business development ? It was refreshing to hear the first entrepreneur talk about both a professional and personal success, and so the trend continued around the room. Two have sold their houses, one has a son graduating from University this week, one has secured 3 clients after 12 months of running her own business while another has reached 13k twitter followers.

Life is all about finding reasons why your glass is half full, rather than why it’s half empty….. for me this week it’s 100 Age Group girl blog posts, making the final decision on my new consultancy business’ true focus and client base, and using bilateral breathing for longer than ever during a swim. Baby steps, small victories, whatever you want to call them, they are all close to my heart.


Have a fun weekend, and if it rain, dance like no-one is watching !

Live life loud


Age Group girl

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