Is it something to do with it being a Wednesday ?

Does anyone else feel a bit ‘meh’ today ? Anyone else struggling with energy ? I am ! Its almost as though I’ve got a Monday feeling, and correct me if I’m wrong, but its Wednesday right ? …….. Humpday, ‘half way through the week’ day. What’s going on !

Needing to get myself out of my little slump, I pulled out the picture below and asked myself ‘which step have I reached so far today’ ? It gave me the incentive to get some jobs finished rather than sitting around half-heartedly starting things, but never finishing.

Yes you can

So what have I now started and finished properly ?

– Workshop preparation around marketing my new business

– Taking part on a Skype call with a business coach and being prepared for it !

– Planning my route for a long bike ride this weekend

Ok, its not world domination but it has given me a sense of achievement – what’s the phrase ? Something like ‘have you done something today that you will be proud of in a years’ time ?’. Yes on reflection, now I have !

Time to make a cuppa, and perhaps a chocolate biscuit – world domination takes energy you know !

Live life loud


Age Group girl


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