We managed a little swimming too

100s challengeLanzarote wasn’t all about biking ! Or watching an Ironman ! Or sitting in the sunshine ! Or enjoying happy hour ! We did a little swimming too……….

There was a swimming session planned into our schedule each day: pool, lagoon or sea !

The pools above are brand new, open for about a month and they are lovely. Club La Santa has 3 olympic sized pools in total and while they look daunting and LONG, after a few days the length doesn’t seem strange from what you do everyday. A little bit of a challenge is the wind that blows hard at times and it feels more like 75m on the way back, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right ?

The focus of these sessions was technique, and drills (boo hiss). We were across about 5 lanes based on ability and worked through some tried and tested drills, with a few new ones thrown in just to keep us on our toes.

This pool is also the venue for the Up & Active training camp’s ‘Mine’s a pint’ challenge Aquathon (or Aquathlon or that race where we swim first and then run!)……. oh its a long story, but basically it brings out the competitive streak amongst selected members of the group ! Fun times 🙂

They seem to go forever !
They seem to go forever !


Club La Santa's sea water, enclosed lagoon
Club La Santa’s sea water, enclosed lagoon

The lagoon remains a little gem in the resort. It is used for water sports during the day so at 5pm you’ll find many triathletes and open water swimmers diving in to cool off at the end of the day and preparing themselves for the 6pm happy hour. At this point there will be some people getting a little hot under the collar around the ‘Triathlete vs Open Water swimmer’ debate – really ? They would claim that the triathletes will be those in wetsuits while the open water ‘real’ swimmers would be the hardcore ones without ! Personally it really doesn’t interest me…….. as long as those in the water are wearing SOMETHING, I’m fine (some of you will know exactly the time, place and person I’m referring to – I am still scarred by the image !) – we wouldn’t want to scare the legendary monster Tuna fish would we ??

The Up & Active training camp mini-triathlon takes place here on the last day of the schedule ! A quick 400m loop, up the stairs and off on the bike (yes UP a hill AGAIN !)

The sea, IM course
The sea, IM course

My personal favourite remains the sea ! During the training camp, we rode over to Puerto Del Carmen and took a dip around the IM Lanzarote course. As with my previous comments, lots of ‘triathletes’ out there but not many ‘open water swimmers’ to be seen. From the photo above you can see the calmness……… remember my photos from the IM ? Definitely the calm before the storm ! We also took a couple of dips during the IM weekend. A wetsuit ? No !

It’s well documented that swimming remains my biggest mental block but the week re-engaged me. My biggest challenge remains keeping a focus on my drills in the pool when the open water beckons during the summer but I have learnt my lesson from last year and am going to keep the balance this year.

And just in case you want to check out what you are, here’s a quick test ! What type of swimmer are you ? https://catherinedanndann.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/check-out-your-swim-personality/

Life live loud


Age Group girl







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