I’d forgotten why

When I stopped working back in September, I made some big decisions about how I was going to live my life…… but I keep forgetting those decisions and have to keep reminding myself !

One of those was to set up my own business – a simple thing to say I guess, but I’m lucky as I have a wonderful support network. I chose this so that I could keep my other passions alive and kicking, providing me with flexibility; a life-style choice if you like.

But this weekend I realised that I had started to drop the other passions…….. No, no, no I’ve worked too hard to drop those and the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get it back.1471244_496928580422113_159071128_n

Why had I done this ? I think there’s a little guilt in there somewhere ! Guilty that I have a choice, guilty that some people don’t, guilty that I took time off for my recent trip.

I have also think I’ve made the decision on some level that I can’t cope a ‘stretch’ in more than part of my life at the same time – I’m not sure I can have a physical goal as well as the business target. But I’m made of sterner stuff than that, I’ve done it before


So I’m dividing my time. Whatever I am doing at any point in time gets my 100% passion and engagement !

That’s why I’ll pack my gym back before I go to sleep , that’s why I’ll set my alarm for 6.15am and that’s why I’ll drag myself out of the door at 6.30am…………. And that will be why I’ll be more productive at any task I do.

I keep reminding myself of this
I keep reminding myself of this

I’ll do the same tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after……..

Live life loud


Age Group girl

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