3 weeks a year in Lanzarote ? Really ?

If you had told me a year ago that I would have spent 3 weeks in 2013 on the island of Lanzarote I’d have laughed and told you no way ! But I did and given that I’ve just got back from my first trip there in 2014, it got my thinking why ? Firstly why would I have said no way in the first place ? Then why did I spend 3 weeks here last year and why am I doing more this year ?

The first why is easy – honestly because I can be a little bit of a travel snob ! There you go, I’ve said it, phew glad that’s off my chest ! And my evidence that it wasn’t a great place to visit ? The image of Brits on a drunken, partying holiday was on my mind – I’m sorry we’ve all been there, seen it and wish we hadn’t.

So I built a bridge, got over it and May 2013 was my first time visiting any of the Canary Islands.

The second question was why did I spend 3 weeks here last year ? That’s fairly straight forward too – I found that it’s a great place to do the things you love, if what you love is swimming, biking and running. I’m not saying that it is an easy place to do those things, but it is a great place – now that’s a another blog topic all to itself.

One of the places that help this is the Club La Santa resort (www.clublasanta.com), which is a small (or not so small) oasis on the north-west of the island that caters for many many forms of exercise and sport. I had seen resorts like this advertised before but had considered them out of my price range and only for elite athletes, not age group warriors like me and my buddies. Little did I know that this wasn’t the case ! A week there and you feel like you are in a bubble……. A bubble of swimming, biking, running and many other activities and equipment that are available for residents.


Fancy trying SUP’ing ? You can, grab a board and head to the salt water lagoon

How about a little paddle tennis ? You’ve got it, lots of courts available

Scuba diving ? They have a scuba center that will get you sorted

Golf ? Yes indeed !

Etc, etc, etc


I think you get the picture………

But there is more to the island that I have discovered, mostly from the seat of a bike and it certainly does have some charm ! I have always found volcanic islands fascinating and they remain high on my list of places to visit…… fantastic scenery. Rugged coastlines, long sandy beaches, interesting weather conditions, camels, whitewashed buildings, black land and Timafaya National Park.


I guess I still haven’t actually answered the 2nd question, why 3 weeks last year ? First week was my very first Up and Active (www.upandactive.com) tri camp with Tanja Slater. The second week was the International Running Challenge (https://catherinedanndann.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/international-running-challenge-2013/ ) and the third week was swim camp (https://catherinedanndann.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/its-swim-camp-time-with-tanja-stephan/ ). All of theses were based out of Club La Santa, surprise surprise.

So now to 2014 – more than 3 weeks ? Well only  by a couple of days ! Tri camp is over for another year (more blogs to follow) and we stayed longer to support a friend and fellow tri-camper in his quest to be an Ironman (now that seriously is another blog – in short wow, what a day ! Then a return to the Running challenge (there are times to beat right ?) and then the swim camp (it will always be my personal battle !)

So I’m back, inspired and full of new blog material and ready to write ! Back soon


Live life loud


Age Group girl

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