We really only walk to the next place to sit down !

Hello all !

I was reading a great article on twitter the other day by James Dunne at Kinetic Revolution about how to help ‘corporate runners’ (http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/five-tips-for-the-corporate-runner/) and was reminded about an observation that was once made to me ;

‘During the day we only really walk to our next place to sit down’ !!

‘What do you mean ?’ I replied distastefully, ‘ I don’t do that’.

When I took a minute and actually thought about it, that is exactly what I and many of us do – we walk to the car & sit down, we walk to the lounge & sit down, we walk around the office & sit down.

But why is that a problem for the crazy ones amongst us that want to run after work ? Or want to swim after a day in the car ? Well I realise now that I’m my expecting my body to respond to my demands but I don’t really give it a chance.

My work-life has changed dramatically over the past few months and no longer work in a formal office environment, but I do sit at a desk for long periods of time each day and simply get up and ‘go for a run’ !

Do I do those good hip-flexor stretches before I do ? No not really.

Do I think about how much tea I have drunk during the afternoon vs water ? No not at all, tea is water right ?

But I should, and I am going to commit to at least trying from now on !

A couple of steps I am going to take to ‘give my body a chance’ :

– Daily hip-flexor stretches

– Foam roller sessions on hips, glutes and back

– Take a walk outside every 3 hours ; the post box (yes I write letters !), the local shop, around the block

– Substitute 2 cups of tea for water in the afternoon (Come on now, I can’t go cold turkey !!)

But apparently, not only am I giving my body a boost, looks what its doing to my brain !!

Which brain would you rather have ?
Which brain would you rather have ?

Speak to you soon, it’s time for me to take a stroll !


Age Group girl


3 thoughts on “We really only walk to the next place to sit down !

  1. Coffee, tea… It’s all water. Don’t buy into that “diuretic” trap either (nurses like to drop this one in that tone). There’s only a 4% difference between coffee and water.

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