Second week back : where’s my inspiration ? If you find it, let me know !

Hello all, hope you are having a wonderful Sunday !

I went to watch the London Marathon today and had great fun with my running club team mates cheering everyone on. After 4 years of being unsuccessful in the ballot, I secured a place for this year but given my travel plans I deferred my spot to 2015 – it was a little bitter-sweet watching he crowds running today and the smiles on the faces of the finishers, but no regrets.

This week has been better with volume and my approach has been more measured but structure is still missing. What today has done is given me the inspiration to get back to it in a planned and disciplined way…. I think I can manage if at least the next couple of days ! That’s the big challenge isn’t it ? How to maintain that motivation when the going gets tough ? What is it that drives you to head to the pool at 6am or head out to the trails early on a Sunday morning, week after week ?

During my search for inspiration, I decided to take a look through the training plans and diary that I used last year in my pursuit of finishing my first 70.3 (Barbs Race, CA, USA, July 2013).  And I’m so pleased I did ! It told me a lot of things………..

1. Where I started from and how much I achieved in just one year – massive PRs, 2×70.3 medals from 2 different continents.

2. How absolutely obsessed I was with completing every single workout and giving detailed summaries and stats to Dana, my coach. Ok, obsessed is probably an exaggeration, but I was incredibly focused and worked very very hard ! During the early months of 2013, my training was the one thing I was able to control – I’d moved back to the UK after 6 years in my beloved California and life felt like it was out of control.

Discipline and determination over natural ability
Discipline and determination over natural ability

3. I had huge variety in my training plan. I’ve blogged in the past about the different running workouts I have used ( but that’s nothing compared to the swimming sets or the interval bike training. There was no chance to get bored with the sessions Dana sent me – all those weird drills, cadence sets made time go so fast and made a difference.

4. Accountability partners and experiencing a little fear (or even downright terror) works for me – I need to re-engage some of my support network ! And I need to set myself a goal that isn’t easy to achieve. (BTW this reminds me of the Friends episode with ‘the fear’ – anyone remember that one ?)

5.  I ramble on, and on, and on……….. poor Dana, he heard everything single thing that was going on in my life ! The snow, the hotels, the coughs and sniffles, the 10m pool, the jetlag. I always said he should publish them, but his comment was ‘why don’t you blog them instead ?’ Huh, strange how life is !

As with my previous blog about preparing for off-season training (, a plan isn’t going to be the entire story ! I need to ‘own’ this plan again – there’s isn’t one magic pill that’s going to get me back to my previous fitness. It’s a complex cocktail of drugs all being washed down with a big dose of patience, determination and down-right pig-headedness.

Some patience and dedication
Some patience and dedication

Here I go, once more into the world of structure and discipline. I’ll let you know who I get on this week, warts and all !

Catherine, Age Group girl

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