Do you really need all of those bikes ?

ImageSo that’s 3 bikes now in the bike shed ! Really ? Who’d have ever thought I would have 3 bikes……… but they all have a purpose ! And all really, really crucial !!

1. Winter bike……… My first road bike has become my winter bike ! It’s a Fisher, and apparently there arenit many of these in cirucylatrion, with Gary Fisher being a Mountina Bike expert. Love it ! It got me through my 1st 70.3 (and I didn’t blame the biek when I had a flat, straight out of transition) and 2 cycling holidays (the Big Island of Hawaii and Death Valley) and many many happy hours on the comfortable mountain bike saddle

2. My racing bike….. I have to admot to loving the look of my Litespeed road bike ! It looks so sexy with its matt black (and flash of red) finish ! Just a shame I don’t ride it yet quite as it shold be ridden but what’ll happen this summer when I can have some time in the saddle. Having a propoer fitting session for this has also made the difference.

3. My hybrid….. the new kid on the bloack (bought on Saturday) is my Ridgeback hybrid. My first hybrid and its only been ridden once ! Once I get used ot the different riding positions and extra frame weight, I know I’m going to have miles of smiles in the saddle.

So how about that then, from a girl who ‘hated her bike’ just 2 years ago, to collecting them, life is surprising !


5 thoughts on “Do you really need all of those bikes ?

  1. Definitely need to see a photo of the Litespeed! They make a nice bike. (Do us a favor though – crank on the outside [bike faces to the right] and chain in the big ring). 😉

      1. Same as my Venge and my matching Rockhopper (wife bought me a mountain bike that matches my racing bike). Looking forward to seeing it.

        I have a “My Bikes” page on my site – having it helps with us Velophiles – just passing that along in the event you might want to go that route.

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