First week back & I’m feeling it !

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’ve had a great weekend ! And congratulations to all those that have completed the various marathons taking place in the UK and Europe today.

After my ride this morning, I was sat on the couch thinking ‘wow I’m tired today’. Then it dawned on me that this is my first week back after nearly 3 months of no workouts ! Yep that’ll be why and I may have gone a little hard…… ?

What have I done ?

3 runs, including a 5k time trial / handicap and an ‘off the spin bike’ 30 mins (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday)

3 bike rides : 30  miles on my road bike on Thursday, 35 miles off-road mountain biking on Friday, 20 miles on a new hybrid today.

1 spin class, Saturday

AND…….. 1 boxercise class, 2 pilates sessions and 2 sets of circuits

Yep I think I may have gone a little hard, and I have to remember I’m not superwoman, no matter what I would like to think !

Why have I done this, crazy girl ?

Having the time off after my 70.3 in Auckland was much needed after 12 months of structured training, many many races and lots of massive time improvements, but with that has come a weight gain and an obvious loss of muscle – and I want my old fitness back NOW, right NOW !! But I’m going to need to slow down or there is going to be an injury or sickness.

Competing against myself is hard enough at the moment....
Competing against myself is hard enough at the moment….

So what am I going to do differently next week ? Bring down the volume ! And focus on some structured sessions that will increase my fitness much quicker than ‘just running’ or ‘just riding my bike’…… back to basics ! I’ll also start wearing my heart rate monitor for some specific sessions, including any longer runs I have planned. And I think a swim or two may be required too (completely forgot about the most technical element of triathlons), this will refocus my technique and some recovery exercise.


Slow it down for long term success
Time to slow it down & get back to basics

Along with this, I’ll continue to work on my Slimming World diet and food diary ( ! That has really works for me in the past and once I get organized and fill the fridge with good options, the extra lbs will come off.

So that’s my plan……… let’s see how it goes.

Speak in the week

Catherine, Age Group girl

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