Medals, pedals and friends!

I keep thinking about getting one of these, but never quite get around to it ! Soon though 🙂

Mountains, Trails, 'Tails' and Tarmac

So some people may think this is very self indulgent of me to display my medals like this in my front room. I am very
Proud of my life achievements and whilst all my old kick boxing trophies and academic awards are in my office out of sight of visitors, I want my more recent achievements to be displayed where I have a constant reminder of why I get up at 5am, or why I’m sweating it out on the turbo at 11pm after a 14hr work day.

One of my very closest friends bought me this medal hanger as a birthday present. It means a lot to me both because it’s displays my medals, but also, and more importantly, it’s is a reminder of the friend who was with me on day of my triathlon exploits. Lisa and I did the shock absorber ladies only triathlon as a social…

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