Hill Running 101

Yes hills make you stronger !

Single-tracked Mind

They sneak up when you want reprieve.  Your heart rate spikes, your muscles ache, and your pace drops despite your best effort.  While not everyone has access to hilly terrain or a desire to race on hilly courses, training on hills will make you a stronger runner overall.  Uphill running builds muscle, boosts cardiovascular endurance, and results in uncontrollable smiles when you crest a big hill.

When I first moved to San Francisco from the (relative) flatlands of NYC, I huffed and puffed up each and every hill – walking or running.  If I was to pursue trail running where flat races are a rarity, I’d need to take a crash course in steep running.  Three years later, I’m running up hills at pace – the same hills that would spike my heart rate when I used to walk them.  Here’s what helped me take my hill running to the…

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