Focus on the right thing : the destination or the journey

Hello bloggers, and happy Saturday !

Amongst the inspirational quotes we come across everyday, I am sure you have your favourite and the one that fits your current mood. Whether your source be Dr Seuss, Buddha or the Bible, we find the one that feels appropriate for the situation.

One that is resonating with me at the moment is about enjoying the journey as much as the final destination. I have to admit that in the past I have been someone who has wished her life away by looking forward to things in the future, rather than enjoying the here and now, but as I started to approach a big birthday and time is accelerating out of control, it felt like this needed to change – I’ve started to spend more time smelling the roses that are in my garden, rather than looking to where they grass is greener and seeing if those roses smell sweeter (wow, mixing up quotes now !)

Enjoy the journey

I mention this now because over the past few weeks I have become so focused on the next big event, my destination, that I have forgotten about the importance of and enjoying the baby steps on the way, my journey. I started to freak out a little and put myself under great pressure to improve my performance. The first 70.3 was all about finishing and having fun, and it was starting to feel like the second was all about knocking everything out of the park and taking swathes of time out of each element – how’s that for pressure ? Ironically the pressure wasn’t coming from anyone other than me ! I’m a pain in the butt sometimes……………

So I am going to get back to enjoying the journey.

How ? I don’t have a plan !! But simply by making sure I celebrate the little wins and the joy of being out there and just doing it, either by myself or with like-minded people.


Some may say I’m navel gazing a little too much and need to get over myself…….. ok if you insist !

But remember no-one said it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it ! That’s it, I promise, enough of the bumper-sticker philosophy, time to hit the pool and get it done 🙂

Speak later

Catherine, Age Group girl

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