How many shoes does it take to be a triathlete ?

Happy weekend bloggers – hope you are enjoying your weekend so far !
I decided to write this blog after reading a few things over the past week about cycling and running shoes and it got me to thinking ‘wow how many shoes do I have and do I really need all of them to be a triathlete ?’

So how many do I have and do I have too many ? I can answer the first part, but the second, well that’s the real question isn’t it, how many is too many ? Whatever the answer here is my collection and I can justify every single pair, trust me !!

Let’s start with the run and from right to left we have :

Trainers !!
Trainers !!

Race shoes : These are light, very flexible and the ‘go-faster’ tri laces 🙂 . I have only recently started to run in these as have always felt the need for a shoe with more stability, but with the work I have done on my core this summer all is going well wearing these. I even tried them on a 2 hour run the other week and there was no soreness afterwards, so fingers crossed, they are good to go for my upcoming running events.

Stability shoes : These are heavier, have thicker soles and have built-in stability. Its amazing how heavy they feel now compared to the above but they need to stay in the pack, just in case.

Gym shoes : The white pair are my gym / workout class shoes as all of my other trainers are dirty ! And I don’t want the gym staff to have to follow me around, picking up the remains of my most recent outdoor activity from the floor…………… 🙂

And the new kids on the block, trail shoes : My new toys, arrived yesterday morning and were caked in mud by 3pm as I ran my first ever cross-country course in North London. They have great grip and allowed me to run from the mud to the pavement to the grass without wrecking the sole. Loved running without the fear of slipping and I’m keeping the mud attached just for the ‘hardcore’ credit !!

The new kids on the block !
The new kids on the block !

Now to the bike, from left to right this time…….. 3 pairs and each pair has its place in the plan !

Spin bike shoes : These only used inside at the moment which is why they look as good as new ! I These will get more wear once I acquire my ‘pub bike’ in the near future as they are designed for mountain bikes really. I do sense they have the desire to get out there and get some proper action.

Winter bike shoes : exclusively worn over the first couple of years of my cycling and have been retired to winter wear as they are black (I’m all for something that doesn’t show the dirt) and warmer.

Tri shoes : the newest of the bunch ! But already showing the dirt…… white wasn’t the smartest decision was it but they matched the new bike, so what does an Age Group girl do ?? These will be put away for the winter and used only my race in Auckland, New Zealand, in January 2014

For inside and outside !
For inside and outside !

And so to the swim……… shoes for the swim, I hear you cry ? Well yes………. flip-flops and fins are worn on the feet aren’t they !!!

We wear these on the feet too
We wear these on the feet too

And of course, what do we wear when our feet are a little sore or cold a workout or race ??These sloppy boots must be the best purchase out of the bunch – £6, lined with fake-fur and the softest shoe I have ever owned, and then when you add some soft and fluffy post race socks, this triathlete’s feet are in heaven.

Fabulous value and comfort for recovery !
Fabulous value and comfort for recovery !

Post race celebration event shoes ?? This Age Group girl is able to strut her stuff with the rest of them wearing a pair of these beauties ! However, for anyone that knows me well knows that I am really clumsy so heels are only allowed on very, very, very, special occasions to minimise the risk of a broken ankle or neck 🙂

Post race parties mean fancy shoes !
Post-race parties mean fancy shoes !

There we have it, justified one and all……………….. !!

Bye for now everyone and see you in the week

Catherine, Age Group girl

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