The time has come to put pen to paper……….

Or rather put fingertip to keyboard and writing a blog……….. Apparently I have been doing this for a little while now without realising it but only to my coach and he suggested that others may benefit from me sharing the journey I am on – I have read lots of blogs during the past year and they have helped me, so why not pay it forward for a while !

But I guess why am I doing this and what would someone get from it would be a good place to start.

The first one is easy. I have time on my hands right now and I’ve always believed there is a book in me, so why not start small and see where it goes !

The second one is more difficult because I don’t know! I’ve come at this from my perspective, what would I like from a blog and hopefully it will resonate with you. Honesty, emotions and facts about being an age group athlete work for me – don’t dress it up to be all ups, sunshine and smiles; there are downs, snow and conflicting priorities. Let’s just hear it!

Why the specific reference to Girl? I am one, well the more accurate description would be woman, but forgive me the poetic license on that. Sometimes it can be forgotten amongst the things we do that we are from Venus and we can have a difference perspective and experience through this age grouper life. This blog is written for all, but through the eyes of a girl, sorry woman!

I am thinking it’s time to give a little background to my athletic adventure. Honestly I hadn’t run since school and 20 years later, living on the other side of the world, I decided to sign up for a 5k (photo below) and follow a plan. And it all went from there! I was bitten by the bug of racing: the butterflies in my tummy, the atmosphere on the course, the cheers at the end and the thoughts of what I could do differently to be quicker next time. I have to say that there have been a number of potential antidotes to this, but race day porta-loos, wet Sunday long steady runs and not being able to wear sandals due to those pesky missing toenails haven’t been successful – I am still addicted and long may that continue.

Run Forest Run 5k, Long Beach, California
Run Forest Run 5k                    Long Beach, CA

The major focus of the 2013 season was my first 70.3 triathlon, Barbs Race (photo below) which was a wonderful ‘dipping my toe in the water’ experience of the longer distance. 70.3 miles of smiles and adventures, some of which I am share will unfold as topics across these blogs.

70.3 miles of smiles at Barbs Race, Windsor, California
70.3 miles of smiles at       Barbs Race, Windsor, CA

And what’s on the plan next? The big event is IM 70.3 Auckland, Asia-Pacific Championship in January 2014 and then the London Marathon, April 2014. In between a little matter of a ‘life-style break’ in New Zealand and Australia – not sure how that is going to work, but I guess you will read about it right here!!

What happens next this this blog? I have a plan, but we will see where it goes. Life is unpredictable, but what I can predict is that things will never be dull, it will be an honest and together we will figure this out.

Ciao for now! See you next week, same time, and same place

Catherine, Age Group girl

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