Bling, Bling and Bling

Well it has been a while….. over 2 years actually since I penned anything on this blog !! Lots has happened, a few tears, lots of laughter, many miles and finally started structured training again. And enjoying the journey, that’s for sure.

I took part in my last planned ‘event’ of the season yesterday, Swim Serpentine, and it was wet ! Both in and out of the water….. 2 miles later and I was presented with the fancy finishers medal and one for the London Classics (Swim Serpentine, Ride 100 and London Marathon) – its as large as a coaster, although I won’t be using it as such !!


I guess the question now is where to store them all ?? The bowl is bursting !


Any suggestions ?

Live, love, laugh

AGe Group Girl

Intervals, pilates and a little old skool aerobics

Full exercise schedule today – anyone would think I’m thinking of training for something !

7am : intervals on the dreadmill. 5 x 500m, target time was 2.20-2.25, with a nice recovery. All topped off with 4 x 1 mins full out sprints

Anyone got a view on ‘fasted’ training ? I did that session on an empty stomach, so just wondering what everyone thinks.

6.30pm : a bit of old skool aerobics in a local school hall – massive group, probably 50 people ! It was awesome, even if I do struggle with my lefts and my rights, with some grapevines and cha-cha-chas thrown in for good measure.

7.45pm : Fitness pilates……. core, leg strength and relaxation

9pm : eat, ALOT !!

9.30pm : more laundry in the washing machine

10pm : get into bed to watch Twilight and write blog

10.30pm (prediction) : crash out and sleep through til morning



Age Group Girl

Breathing hard in the pool

I’ve been very lazy with my swimming – a potter up and down in the pool, heavy focus on drills rather than fitness and no chance of getting out of breath or feeling uncomfortable.

I graduated from the chat lane today

Today I decided to be a bit more focused and mix it up a little……. it wasn’t massive volume but a timed 500m set (yikes, that wasn’t a great time, so much so I’ll post it the next time !) and 10 x 25m on the 35 seconds.

That was quite enough of heavy breathing for today.

Back to basics now with 3 swims a week, one pool and 2 open water, for the next 3 months……

happy swimmer
Some hard work ahead but I’ll end up as a happy swimmer girl !

Anyway, I’ve typed it and shared it in my blog now, so best get it done hadn’t I ?

Live life out loud


Age Group Girl

Didn’t we have a loverly time !

Well, not sure I did enjoy every pedal stroke from the Olympic park in East London to Southend, Essex but we finished in the sunshine, sat on the prom and ate a big portion on chips so really all-in-all, it was a good day out.

Perfect arrival nutrition !

I’m not the best with stop / start cycling in heavy traffic but I held my nerve at traffic lights and roundabouts, had a lot of practice at turning right (every turn seemed to be right) and found the Sunday drivers in Essex to be most polite and patient with 3 girls on tour.

Southend 3
3 cyclists, incognito…..

Hope everyone had a loverly weekend too !

Live life laugh


Age Group Girl

One of those moments in time

When I look back 2 years from now, I think this morning’s post swim / jog breakfast conversation will be one that has given me the most food for thought and perhaps the kick up the butt I need to get going with triathlons again.

Lake swim started the day

I’m not prepared to commit to ‘paper’ what that means, but in my heart of hearts I think I know and it fills me with excitement and terror, all packaged up with lots of blood sweat and tears along the way.

Step 1 though was to suggest to tomorrow’s cycling buddy that I bring my running shows so we can take a little run-off-the-bike after our 50 mile ride…… Hmmm, I guess you know as well as I do where this is going 🙂

I also wonder how many times we will sit in that same cafe over the next 2 years, talking, planning, scheming and comparing notes ? I’ll guess we will have to see and I’ll keep you posted !

Tea cosy or hat for little people ? You decide !

Before anything else though, time for a nap – thinking ahead is a tiring business !

Live life loud


Age Group Girl

Its been a long time !

Well I haven’t been here for a while ! Lots of highs and lows since then………

Today was the start of a 30 day blogging challenge that I have committed to for my business so I was wondering if I should do the same a resurrect Age Group Girl too.

My business blog was about not waiting until things are perfect to start, just begin, so I’m taking my own advice for a change.

Don't wait for it to be perfect.....Just begin

I also took my own advice and gave myself a reward once it was written – a 2 hour blast around the local Hertfordshire countryside on Lily (Litespeed) on the driest and sunniest day of the week.


Fingers crossed I’ll be back here tomorrow with day 2 of the challenge !

In the meantime, time to go


Age Group Girl